Don't Blog Drunk

"Everything mankind does is much, much easier if you're ever so slightly drunk." - The Mitchell and Webb Look.

Don't blog drunk. The reason is, you will write something to regret later. Why? Because society is unforgiving when it comes to our weaknesses. You don't care? You disagree? Certain people disappoint you? You are finding it hard to cope with reality?
Well, fuck all that. Blogging is about expressing yourself. Your true self. The part of you that other people don't hear on a daily basis.
So why blog drunk?

Because it is a chance to give all those kowtowers a chance to see what you really think. So seldom do they get a glimpse of the world behind the shutters we call eyelids. So seldom do they comprehend the true horrors of honest opinion. I'm not talking about Nazis, racists, and bigots. No. They are still assholes. I'm talking about the people who stare futility in the eye and don't crap themselves.
Yes, futility. Admit it. You, like I, are looking for meaning in life. You, like I, have come to the gradual and painful realization that there is no meaning in life beyond procreation. Life is the process of survival, passing on your own genes so that they may not face the infinity of extinction.
Unfortunately, you may have realized by now, that the infinity of extinction is inevitable, though we may delay it for a while. At some point, the sun will consume the Earth. If, by then, you have managed an escape route, you may live billions of years only to see the universe collapse upon itself. I have heard that stellar dust may survive, drifting through the cosmos for an amount of time that pains the mind to think about. So. What are all your day to day worries compared to that? What have you to look forward to?
I say, fuck all that. Get drunk. I am. Otherwise, you would not hear such candid thought.
When was the last time you heard candid thought? On a reality television show? For a laugh?
No. The fact is, you very rarely hear candid thought. Certainly not from coworkers who face a firing. Not form your family who loves you. Perhaps, occasionally, from your spouse, but that only annoys you.
So I say, write your blog drunk. Who knows? Maybe a greater consciousness comes from an honest understanding. We are all fucked, in the long run. Maybe if we have the strength to express that, or inadverantly (sp?) express it while one-eyed drunk, we have a chance.
Otherwise, it's bon chance mon amie, and the fuck be with you.
It's alright to cry now.

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