Don't Blog Drunk II

Most people believe they live at the end of history. They are the pinnacle of evolution. every thought a miracle. In action how like an angel. In apprehension how like a god.
Not me.
I see us at the middle of history. At the beginning, when I'm cynical. The world holds no wonder for me. We have so much ahead of us. The evolution of man. the ascention of man. what is this quintessence of dust? All those fucking beautiful things i will not see. i'll be dead.
the brilliance of a new world. The correction of all wrongs currently suffered. New wrongs to conquer. A world our primitive mind cannot imagine, any more than the mind of Christ our world today.
all that is modern is ancient history, antiquated, arcane. We live in a world that will soon be oudated, better, more efficient, happier, and more real.
Perhaps I'm a product of modernity. We change phones, houses, cars, jobs, styles, faster and faster. We hunt for the new, the better, the faster, the lovelier, the younger. We value so little, and why should we, knowing the future holds something even better if we just wait, a little, for it.
The result? What is there to be proud of, to enjoy, to covet, to value?
That is the crux. While others search for meaning, i search for value. The meaning of life: there is none. The value - that of an antique.
I won't be there to see it.
Neither will you.
What do we do with this expired present, this past happening now?