What is the Zombie Death Toll?

Day 1
In a city like Shanghai, with 24 million people, 570 people die every day. Let's assume for the sake of argument that whatever causes zombies (alien slime, radioactive water, bacteria) has infected everyone in the city, so whoever dies turns into a zombie. That makes the math easy. That's 570 undead on day one.
Let's say each of them manages to kill, or cause to be killed, one person. Not greedy. You know, loved ones, neighbors, innocent bystanders.
The "cause to be killed" part is crucial because over a few days the death toll leads to mobs, riots, supply chain disruption, fires, anarchy, military crackdowns, martial law.... you get the picture. But I'm getting ahead of myself. On day two:

How do Zombies Taste?

Bitten by zombies? Bite back! Harcos Labs found a way to disinfect festering zombie parts and transform them into tasty snacks. What better way to amble through the zombie apocalypse than munching on a bag of Zombie Skin? Have a hankering for beef jerky? Snap into a Zombie! Need trail food? Zombie toenails make a crunchy treat. Thirsty? Nothing satisfies like detoxified zombie blood. They munched on your friends. Time to return the favor, but remember: revenge is a dish best served cold.
*nom nom nom*