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I need your help to name my next book! It’s a zombie adventure with an ensemble cast that takes place around the world (no, not like World War Z. okay, maybe a little). The project is currently called “Dust Eaters”, but maybe something else is better.

Vote for your favorite on Twitter by typing in “ @ronancray #title “ or comment here or on my Facebook page. Thanks for your help!
(Is that right? I’m not too good at Twitter)

Here are the titles I’m considering, and why.

Dust Eaters
The Waiting Dead
Kings of the Apocalypse


Dust Eaters
Pros: No known titles similarly named. Refers to, “Eat my dust”, cause they’re slow, and the characters refer to zombies as Eaters.
Cons: Evocative? Makes you want to read it? Meh.

The Waiting Dead
Pros: Has the word “Dead”. Sounds like “The Walking Dead”. A new way to describe being a zombie
Cons: Has the word “Dead”. Sounds like “The Walking Dead”. “Waiting” isn’t a compelling word for an action book.

Kings of the Apocalypse
Pros: Sounds kick-ass.
Cons: Hard to spell when searching for the book. Long. Sexist, considering the main character is a woman.

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