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Back in college I ran for Student Senate. Voter turnout was low the previous years, so I set a goal: win more votes than the highest voted person last year. I had no campaign manager, no team, nothing. I spoke in front of auditoriums filled with students, published articles in the school paper, inked out hand made signs based on Burma Shave ads paced out to and from the stadium and library.
The result?

Success! I beat last year's highest count by one vote!
I lost the election.
I did such a great job selling the election that my competitors also enjoyed record turnout.
So which was I? A winner or a loser?
I'm thinking about that this week as I gear up for my Kickstarter campaign. Crazy Robot Games, maker of Infinity Project 2, has agreed to turn my next book, Dust Eaters, into a fantastic new video game. To do so, we need to raise $50,000.
Kickstarter is all or nothing. I don't want history to repeat itself, run a fantastic campaign, galvanize people behind a common goal, and then fall dollars short.
As a writer of nightmares, this is mine.
So this is my personal entreaty. Work with me. Help me attain my goal. Because this time, with your support, I'm a winner.
Thank you.

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