Drinking Civet Coffee in Macau

I always wanted to try Civet coffee, so when I found myself in Macau in front of a coffee shop offering it, I had to have it. Don't know what Civet coffee is? Allow me to quote Wikipedia:

"Kopi luwak, or civet coffee, is one of the world's most expensive and low-production varieties of coffee. It is made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) and other related civets, then passed through its digestive tract.A civet eats the berries for their fleshy pulp. In its stomach, proteolytic enzymes seep into the beans, making shorter peptides and more free amino acids. Passing through a civet's intestines the beans are then defecated, keeping their shape. After gathering, thorough washing, sun drying, light roasting and brewing, these beans yield an aromatic coffee with much less bitterness.[citation needed] This coffee is widely noted as the most expensive coffee in the world with prices reaching $160 per pound."

In my case, the cup was $10. It was by far the most delicious cup of coffee I've ever had.

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  1. Great post! i agree with you that "Kopi luwak, or civet coffee, is one of the world's most expensive. A distinguished coffee due to its unique production methods, Kopi Luwak coffee is exotic by nature and will leave you intrigued even after the first sip. The complex favor and hint of chocolate smoothness is preserved through light roasting. I just love to drink Kopi luwak.
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