Brooklyn Brewery Tour

I often tour breweries and distilleries - the source! I've coursed through  Oban's amber heaven in Scotland and shouted "Davai" in Russia's Baltika brewery, so I can't believe it took me 13 years to gett around to touring the Brooklyn Brewery right here in Williamsburg.

The other night I scheduled a tour. After a two pint warm-up of Radeberger at The Gibson on 11th and Bedford I stumbled over to that red brick warehouse. Erin and Justin ushered me past the big red doors into the tasting room (Mecca) for a glass of one of four flavors in a souvenir glass. I had the privilege of downing
a glass of the last keg of Brooklyn Defender, the Comic Con inspired craft brew.  Meanwhile, Justin peppered us with facts and anecdotes of the brew. Here's a fun fact: Hops are a member of the Cannabis family!
Erin poured me one last cup as Justin remarked, "You don't want to find yourself in the bowels of a brewery with an empty glass." Wise man.

Filing past gleaming stainless steel tanks and screensaver style pipeworks, Justin explained the process of brewing. The brewhouse was hot. It made me thirsty.
After the tour it was back to the tasting room where we exchanged a wooden token to quaff another glass of our favorite brew. Great conversations ensued greased by a well-cultivated buzz. Something good is brewing here.

Brooklyn Brewery has tours and tastings every day but Friday (which is strictly devoted to drinking). To live it, click here.

If you're going for a pint, let me know. I still have plenty of tokens!

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