Shipwrecks of the World

I've always had a fascination with shipwrecks, which is why they figure so prominently in "Red Sand". There is something majestic and terrifying about these tempest tossed relics of man's inferiority. Once proudly sailing above, now crushed by their own vanity, these rusting hulks represent man's neverending struggle against nature. What is a storm but the personification of man's frailty before nature's wrath?
I'm partial to shipwrecks that remain above water. To sink at sea is one thing, but
to remain beached, so tantalizingly close to the safety of the shore, is somehow more tragic and humiliating.

In one version of my retirement plan is the ambition to travel the world photographing ships near shore. I took the photo above somewhere in Canada near Toronto. The rowboat photo is from San Francisco. Someday I hope to add to this lonely collection.
Until then, I enjoy looking at these sites to see what I'm missing:

There is a place on Staten Island where old ships went to die, the Arthur Kills Ship Graveyard. I'm kicking myself for not having gone there yet, but it remains for those who are willing to trespass for some great photos. Here's a link to some more adventurous souls who have:

Enjoy! Be sure to search around these sites for more interesting urban exploration photos. I have.